Instruct Clients to Wisely Challenge Abilities with Decreased Fear and Increased Discernment

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    Guided by Health and Pain Science and Inspired by Yoga Traditions


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Traditional Yoga Meets Pain Science

Pain Care Aware™ Yoga Teacher Training [YTT]

Pain Care Aware™ [PCA™] provides yoga teachers, teachers-in-training, and yoga therapists enrolled in the Pain Care Yoga Certification Course, with the knowledge and skills required to adapt their teaching to meet society’s need to provide a pain-informed approach to teaching yoga. Graduates attain updated language and cueing to enhance overall safety within yoga classes, and the confidence to hold space knowing people in pain are present.

PCA™ is a two-step training program integrating yogic and scientific views of pain and pain care. It prepares yoga teachers for the growing number of students coming to yoga in pain, while assisting in prevention of injury and pain from yoga practice.

Yoga teachers who re-conceptualize pain create safer movement experiences, challenge limitations and reconnect students to their true nature.


Two-Step Educational Certification Process

STEP 1—Complete Level 1: Self-Paced Online Yoga Teacher Training [YTT]

  • PCA foundational study
  • Six modules
  • Over thirty (30) hours of online continuing education, with quizzes
  • Self-paced study (recommended duration is four weeks of dedicated study and practice time)
  • $395 


STEP 2—Complete Level 2: PCA YTT Group Practicum and Certification

  • Two days, with twenty (20) hours of CEUs including prep
  • Options of online YTT groups or in-person/studio YTT groups; led by PCA Trainers
  • Starting at $395  (dependent on location)


STEP 2 [Alternate]—Complete Level 2, 1:1 Virtual Distance Mentorship Certification

  • Personal one-to-one, online mentoring with choice of PCA Lead Trainer
  • A ‘test-out’ to complete the certification
  • Recording and personal assessment assignments – 20 hours of CEUs
  • Mentorship application process and selection
  • Price TBD dependant on Lead Trainer rates and availability

Level 1: Pain Care Aware™ Self-Paced Online YTT—$395

Yoga teachers benefit from learning about pain science—the lived experience of pain—and what to do when an individual reports pain during asana.

The Pain Care Aware™ program is grounded in traditional yoga philosophy and practice. It provides the knowledge and skills required to update the yoga teacher’s approach to asana and language, related to pain and safety.

Based on current pain science information, Pain Care Aware™ will inform teachers as compassionate pain care movement educators, and give a greater understanding of how cueing and guiding students within yoga classes can influence pain.

Pain Care Aware™ Online YTT [continued]

The online PCA™ curriculum includes six modules, 30 hours CEUs, with self-reflection assignments and coursework questionnaires within each module.

Video and audio guides the students.

  • Pain Science
  • Yoga and Pain Philosophy
  • Awareness and Regulation Practices
  • Movement Teaching Guidelines
  • Pain Care Aware™ Language
  • Pain Care Aware™ Cueing
  • Written Content and PDF’s Provide Supporting Knowledge To Re-Conceptualize Pain
  • Current Research on Pain and Movement
  • Integration of These Principles Into Yoga Classes

Upon completion of all six modules in Level 1, students receive a certificate of completion and may progress to Level 2 to complete their Pain Care Aware™ YTT Certification.


Level 2: Pain Care Aware YTT Group Practicum and Certification. Average Cost—$395 (location dependent)

Options of Online YTT Groups or In-Person/Studio YTT Groups; Led by PCA Trainers

  • The PCA YTT Practicum and Certification—Process is typically completed over a weekend, or two-day period.
  • In this practicum and certification course PCA YTTs will:
    • Review the Pain Care Aware™ Principles and Language
    • Experience a Pain Care Aware™ Class by PCA Trainer
    • Participate in small group practicum
    • Practice teach techniques in break-out sessions, and receive feedback from trainer and group peers
  • Complete all the steps above and receive a graduate Certificate in PCA YTT
  • Level 2 is typically 20 hours CEU’s depending on group size

*See Events Calendar for links to PCA Level 2 Practicum and Certification details offered by our Trainers!


Level 2, (option 2): Virtual Distance Mentorship Certification 1:1—Cost TBD dependant on mentor selection and availability

  • Complete an APD, One-on-One, Distance Mentorship PCA Certification
  • Private Mentoring with specialized focus
  • Application and mentorship interview process

Level 2, Option 2 offers a virtual mentorship process with one of our Lead Trainers, Lisa Pearson or Shelly Prosko. The PCA Mentor will review the PCA Principles, language and class cueing and go over Q/A with mentee ,as well as 1:1 mentorship in area of interest in lead trainers expertise.

Mentee will provide trainer with recorded practices and trainer will review and offer oral and written feedback before certification is completed.

  • Up to 20 Hours CEUs
  • Use the CONTACT US form for more information

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