Level One Details

Pain Care Aware™â€”Level One – Foundations

Informing Yoga Teachers on Safe, Effective Practices in Pain Care

Pain Care Aware provides yoga teachers with the knowledge and skills required to adapt their teaching language and class cueing to an emerging, pain-informed approach to teaching yoga, as more people come to yoga as a solution to pain, seeking non-pharmacological pain care. Pain Care Aware teaches yoga teachers to challenge their students’ limits while keeping them safe, without inadvertently creating a sense of fragility—or fear of damage.

Pain Care Aware informs and updates yoga teachers’ understanding of how yoga can help to change pain, based on pain science and the traditions of yoga. Pain Care Aware will inform teachers with pain care movement guidelines and give yoga teachers a greater understanding of how their verbal cueing and guidance to students within yoga classes can influence pain.

This is a training process for yoga teachers that integrates yogic and scientific views of pain and pain care, creating greater safety in asana classes without inadvertently fostering fear and while improving ease of movement.

One in five people reports persistent pain. Most yoga teachers will have from one to several students in every class who will have ongoing chronic pain. Many yoga teachers themselves experience persistent pain and will benefit both professionally and personally from the PCA™ Yoga Teacher Training [YTT] program.

PCA provides an understanding of pain and gives practical options for teaching yoga and asana specifically when a student reports pain, but also these same guidelines we believe will decrease injury during asana and increase overall safety in yoga.

Yoga teachers who understand pain, and demonstrate it in their class instruction, will decrease fear within their students, while encouraging goal attainment, challenging limitations, and optimizing care of the whole being.