Host Studios

Pain Care Aware™—Host Studios

Your Studio/Center Can Become a PCA™ YTT Host

We can help you connect with a PCA trainer to set up a two-day, workshop-style PCA YTT Level 2 Practicum and Certification in-person/in-studio—or sponsored in-person/online—event, through your studio events.

PCA Level 1 Online Foundations is a pre-requisite for attendance to the Level 2 course. Proof of completion certificate is required to begin Level 2.

This is a wonderful opportunity for yoga studios who run, manage, or are involved with Yoga Teacher Trainings and CEU programming; or studios that are in communities where surrounding yoga teachers are interested in advancing their knowledge to help people in pain, so that students with pain may feel confident entering into, and go on to thrive within, their classrooms.

Contact us to become a PCA host studio and offer our Level 2 process into your studio programming.

PCA is ready to collaborate with your studio to train your entire teaching staff to become Pain Care Aware, allowing for every class your studio offers to be taught through a pain informed lens. Being a Pain Care Aware Studio is both newsworthy (creating interest in your studio/yoga) and will generate referrals from  health care providers and services in your community (offering student growth potential).