About Pain Care Aware™

The Pain Care Aware™ Program

Yoga teachers who understand pain, and demonstrate it in their class instruction, will decrease fear in their students while encouraging goal attainment, challenging limitations, and optimizing care of the physical body.

The Two-Step Educational Certification Process

Level 1—Eighteen (18) hours of online, continuing education; with quizzes.

Level 2—Twelve (12) hours in-person training; with ‘test-out,’ to complete the certification.


Level 1—In your home/office/studio. You have 12 weeks to complete the modules.

Level 2i—See Locations for Pain Care Aware trainer availability.

Level 2ii—Contact Lisa (direct e-mail here?) for distance ‘test-out,’ available for those in remote locations, and unable to attend the in-person options.

Training for Yoga teachers

Movement practitioners integrating principles of yoga

Benefits for yoga teachers
• YTT programs do not currently address pain, leaving YTs unsure how to respond when a student states there is pain.
• Allow YT to enhance language that keeps students safe without inadvertently creating fear of pain during movement, or limiting physical progress
• More people are coming to yoga when they are injured. Will help people in pain or individuals concerned about safety in yoga to find a teacher with sound knowledge in this area.
• American Medical Association and other HCPs are recommending yoga as an approach to recovery for people with low back pain
• Will help HCPs find YTs who will keep patients safe, not misinform about pain and recovery, and not limit their potential.
• Will assist those who would like to focus on helping people in pain, marketing classes for people in pain, and creating community-based links to HCPs.
• Will be of interest to YTs considering ongoing training in Yoga Therapy.

Continuing Education and Certificate training
Certificate of Completion when you complete the 18 hours of Pain Care Aware education in Level 1.
The Pain Care Aware Certificate is provided on successful completion of Level 2. This certificate allows teachers to state that they are Pain Care Aware, and documents the 30 hours of continuing education completed.

Details of certificate training

Level 1. Online modules, each followed by a graded quiz, including …
Understanding pain
Consider intersections of yoga and pain
Awareness, regulation and movement guidelines
Review pain papers
Discuss conceptual frameworks such as pain as a protective mechanism
Explore research and outcomes of yoga, pain and movement
Learn Pain Care Aware Principles
Learn and Practice Pain Care Aware Language
Video/audio analysis – evaluation form/checklist

Level 2i. – twelve hours in-person, with practicum
Review PCA principles
Experience and discuss a Pain Care Aware class
Small group practice
Lead PCA asana practice then receive feedback

Optional Level 2ii.
• Distance online program
• One-one webinar with trainer-yoga teacher to discuss PCA principles.
• YT creates a PCA class, then submits video and self-feedback to the trainer.
• Complete and submit an essay on your experience teaching with the PC Aware knowledge, concepts and principles, including feedback from your students.